Saturday, September 11, 2010


So if you are having trouble buying beyblades you can buy them onlie at or just go to and search for beyblade sales. If you live in the country's that have stores like Walmart,Target,ToysRUs they all sale beyblades. If you ever  buy  them at Target or Walmart just ask for the toy section and look for beyblades. They also sale the best beyblades and the ones that didn't come in the U.S. yet in Japan. But make sure its from Takara Tomy because those are the really ones for Japan. And for the U.S. its Hasbro. If your beyblade is not legit then you wont be able to play in an official WBO tourny so check out there rules.

Now each beyblade packaging comes with the beyblade a launcher and a rip cord. Plus the code to battle on  you need the code to battle there so I would'nt lose it if I were you. 

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