Saturday, September 11, 2010

WBO/ World Beyblade Organization Stadium Tournament Rule

Now if you dont know the wbo's rule for an official tournament you must have an officail Takara Tomy stadium to make the tournament Official. By an tournament for wbo being official it needs to have wbos standards. Meaning you must have an Takara Tomy stadium and you must check out there rules for making an official tournament.

Beyblade Meta Game aka Top Tier

Ok the WBO World Beyblade Organization has this thing  for beyblades. Its called the Top Tier. This shows you the top Beyblade combonations in the game. For example my favorite beyblade is EarthBulldf145/sd. Now the fusion wheel is Earth from a different beyblade know as Earth Eagle and the parts including energy ring and the performance tips are mixed in with other parts from other beyblades sold. Now that bey blade is a very good beyblade and it is used alot thats why it is in the Top Tier. Now as in every game there are some beyblades  and beyblade parts that are not allowed to use in an official WBO tournament. Such as conterfeit beyblades, the Libra fusion wheel from Takara Tomy. Here is a list to show you what the best beyblades and beyblade part are. Now also remember that most of these beyblades are from Japan and most of the parts are combind with other parts to make a very good beyblade Top Tier combo, also remember each beyblade combo and beyblade are fused togather to either have good Stamina,Defense, Attack and if a beyblade is good in all of them it is a Balanced beyblade.

This is a list of currently competitive combos in the Metal Fight Beyblade metagame. This topic will be updated as new parts are released. Please post your comments and suggestions.


•Quetzalcoatl 90RF

•Metal Face Lightning L-Drago 90/100/CH120RF

•Metal Face Pegasis 145RF


•Metal Face Earth Bull/Aquario C145/GB145 RS/WB


•Virgo DF145/145 WD/SD/D

•Burn Bull DF145/145 WD/SD/D

•Earth Bull DF145/145 WD/SD/D

Libra removed from list, banned from WBO play.


So if you are having trouble buying beyblades you can buy them onlie at or just go to and search for beyblade sales. If you live in the country's that have stores like Walmart,Target,ToysRUs they all sale beyblades. If you ever  buy  them at Target or Walmart just ask for the toy section and look for beyblades. They also sale the best beyblades and the ones that didn't come in the U.S. yet in Japan. But make sure its from Takara Tomy because those are the really ones for Japan. And for the U.S. its Hasbro. If your beyblade is not legit then you wont be able to play in an official WBO tourny so check out there rules.

Now each beyblade packaging comes with the beyblade a launcher and a rip cord. Plus the code to battle on  you need the code to battle there so I would'nt lose it if I were you. 

Friday, September 10, 2010

World Beyblade Organization

So if you dont know about the WBO , World Beyblade Organization  it is a website for beybladers. It makes beyblade step up to the next level. You can host official WBO tournaments and play with people in your state,city,country or in outside states,citys and even countrys. It is really cool and the website is So if you are interested in going to the link go ahead and sigh up. Oh and if you want when you sigh in it will ask you did anyone referr you to this site you can just put in beybeyboy15 thats me lol.


Yup so my online name on World Beyblade Organization is beybeyboy15. The website is pretty cool. I like beyblading because to me it is the most fun thing to do. I always like the very first beyblading stuff so I just continued to Beyblade Metal Fusion.